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  • Motion sensor 2

    I have a motion sensor 2 (2844-222) and the battery only last 1-2 months!
    The 9 volts battery in my 2 others motion sensor generation 1 (2842-222) typically last more than a year long!

    What can I do?

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    Is it set to always transmit, or only at night? What's your timeouts like? Those things will control how often the MS2 transmits and can drain your battery rapidly.

    Although I've only had mine for a month, they still show the same battery % as when I installed them, and didn't drop through the polar vortex at all.

    And of course, you can always run a USB cable to the MS2, something you couldn't do with the regular MS.


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      All of my MS are active 24 hrs and they are all set the same. My timeouts are set to 40 minutes. I am using the regular Hub 2245-222. I know I can use USB power but it does not make sense that the battery drains so quickly. I am thinking it could be defective.

      What hub are you using?


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        ISY994iZW Pro. 40 minutes is a very long timeout, I believe from the factory they come set to 30 seconds or so.


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          Yes, a 40 minutes time out should have the battery last longer...