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  • Generic Alerts?

    Today I received an alert saying that a leak sensor went off. I have - many - of them throughout my house. In my settings in the insteon app I have each sensors location named.

    The thing that upsets me is that the alert that I received was very generic, with no sensor name given. It just said "leak detected ". Why? What good is an alert if it doesn't tell exactly what is wrong? I have had to shut the water off to the entire house until I can locate the issue, but suffice it to say that I won't be buying any other sensors from Insteon until this basic issue is fixed.
    Insteon Hub II (2014) Model:2245-222

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    That is a good point. Good thing this was addressed.

    To correct that you want to go to settings->devices

    Tap the device that has an alert (have to do this with each device that has an alert) and then tap on Alerts

    Under the On alert and Off alert there is a field labeled message and recipients. Tap into that and that is where you configure the unique alert message, subject line and also add additional recipients if needed.


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      Thank you Sean!

      On ours it was Settings > Devices > Edit Devices

      I'm kind of excited now waiting for the next alert

      UPDATE: This is VERY COOL! Works great. Will be adding more sensors now, thank you!
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      Insteon Hub II (2014) Model:2245-222


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        I thought you could do that from the moment the hub came out?


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          It was but the instructions don't not call this out. There is a support article but it looks like it could use some better indexing so more generic searches will find it. I sent an email to the person that handles that.


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            Thanks for the update. Hopefully others in the same position will come across this


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              Is there is a way to assign a unique (or different) tone/chime to alerts? It appears all Insteon alerts share the same tone... it would be cool if you could assign say SIREN to a very import alert (fire alarm/water leak/intrusion, etc) and conversely a soft CHIME to a non-import one (garage door open/close etc) Thanks for your reply.