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  • Motion 2842-222

    Hello I installed the motion 2842 on Saturday after days of trying to configure the night only mode. I'm using it for night only because I want it to turn on the lights I have wired to 2477d switch.
    I linked it first to the responding 2477 switch and it worked fine Saturday night. As I walked by it sent a push notification to my phone and the light turned on. Last night I tested it again. It sent a push notification to my phone but did not turn on the linked responder. Any idea of why it stopped working?
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    Something may be interfering with the signals. What is the size/type of load attached to the 2477 dimmer?


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      Can you turn the light on from the app? If you can, that will confirm that the switch is receiving signals. While it won't fix the problem, at least you'll know the switch can be controlled


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        I’m using 1 fixture with 3 Cree led bulbs a total of 51 watts.
        Yes the switch works from the app.
        I have 2 other motion sensors same model I use those all day out side and those work fine. But I don’t use them for turning on responders.


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          Hmm. Sounds like the signal is getting from the sensor to the Hub, but it might run into interference that kills the message before it reaches the switch. How big is the house, and how many dual-band modules are installed?

          Are there any obviously failing/dim/flickering lights installed on the same circuit as either that dimmer or the Hub, something that might be broadcasting interference?


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            It’s a colonial about 2500 sq ft. I have about 15 dual band devices thoughout the house. No dimming lights or flickering on the circuit.
            Ita really driving me crazy. I reset the motion yesterday and changed the setting to detect motion all times. It worked now for a day. I walked by it a little bit ago and when It detected motion the sensor blinked rapidly about 7-8. The light shut off after the timer but the motion doesn’t seem to reset. It still shows detected motion on the app??


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              The motion sensor flashing is it warning that it failed to receive a signal acknowledgement from at least one linked responder, meaning there’s something interfering with signals. Could be multiple somethings, if you see occasional signal loss at both the hub and the dimmer.

              Every plugin Insteon device has mesh repeater smarts built-in. Do you have a spare, dual-band plug-in module (siren, dimmer, on/off) that you could move around temporarily to do some testing?
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                Yes I have a few dual band lamp modules. Funny thing is I have one in the house almost directly behind the motion sensor.

                I have a outlet underneath the sensor I will try to move around one of them. Thanks!