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Using a motion Sensor on a floodlight?

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  • Using a motion Sensor on a floodlight?

    Hi, I currently have 2 outdoor floodlights that turns on with an Insteon wall switch as part of a Scene and it works great with a wall switch to turn it on/off. I want to integrate a motion sensor in as well, but the problem I am running into is that when I turn the switch on manually, if the motion sensor picks something up, it starts a timer, and will turn off the light.

    I would like it if i turned the scene on from the switch on the wall, it stays on indefinitely until i turn it off. If it picks up motion (and its off), it will turn it on for a preset amount of time.

    is there any way to make this happen?

    Thank you

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    Are you using software such as the ISY? If so, you could use programs to control specific behaviors.

    I'm currently running the same setup. My flood lights have inlinelincs controlling them and I use a separate motion sensor. My sensors are not directly linked to my modules.

    ​​​My programs run at night only. If I turn on the lights manually it disables the motion program. If I turn them off or it times itself out, then the motion program re-enables itself


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      I am not, I was simply using the insteon controller/android app to program it. Should I use ISY software? Do I need a dedicated, constantly running PC for it to work?


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        ISY994i is not software. It is a full featured Insteon controller.
        You mentioned using an Insteon Controller. Is it a 2245-222 HUB with the android app?

        If you are turning it On with an Insteon Switch in a scene but its internal motion sensor is turning it off if motion is detected. There is no way to disable the internal motion sensor.
        If you has an external motion sensor that triggered the scene on and then ignored motion until the scene is off. That may work. Though I understand the HUB can't do conditionals.


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          Correct, i have the 2245-222 hub. Is the ISY994i significantly better than the hub? From what I can tell, the HUB cannot do conditionals. It's pretty basic.


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            The hub is an entry level device. The ISY is an advanced controller that allows for full automation. It's definitely worth using. There is a learning curve but once you get it, your only regret will be not using it sooner


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              Yes, an ISY can do what you want. Do your lights have a built-in motion sensor?
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