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Countdown timers don't seem to work when set through software

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  • Countdown timers don't seem to work when set through software

    When setting motion sensors up using DEVICE OPTIONS the countdown timer does not work and the sensor reports nearly every 15 seconds. If I remove number 5 jumper and turn off DEVICE OPTIONS the countdown controlled by the switch operates correctly.

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    If jumper 5 is removed, then software has no control of the motion sensor settings. Which software are you using?
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      IOS on a Iphone 6. Jumper is not removed where the countdown timers do not work. if i remove the jumper then the adjust dial for the countdown seems to work okay, but i lose the ability to run in occupancy mode.

      additionally, on HUB II, the light continues to stay green, where on the HUB I the light changed from green to blue when in operation. Should HUB II light change to blue?