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  • Plugin Insteon Motion Sensor

    New to this forum so take it easy on me. I need Insteon Motion sensors that are not wireless and can be either plugged in or hardwired into my home's power. My search has come up with nothing and what is out there is always wireless with built in timers and functionality or not Insteon capable at all. Any help or suggestions what to use is appreciated.

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    You can hook up the 2844-222 to a USB cable so it is always on. It also becomes an RF repeater if you do so.

    #2844-222 - Motion Sensor
    #2822-222 - Right Angle USB cable

    I think you can also take the control/load wire out of a 3rd party motion sensor and hook it up to the sense wire of an Insteon micro module you can use that to trigger an Insteon event.


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      Thanks Sean for such a quick response. Your idea using the 2844-222 with external supply is doable. However when you say RF repeater are you suggesting I still use it in a wireless mode? Doesn't it require a receiver (and is what I want to stay away from) Or are you talking about repeating on the power line. You see I want to use it like any insteon dual band device using power line modulation PWM.


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        The 2844-222 is strictly Insteon RF. With the power supply it just does not go into the power saving mode to preserve battery life.
        It needs a Dual Band Device to place its Insteon messages onto the power lines.