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IRLink Receiver NEC codes

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    IRLink Receiver NEC codes

    First time posting here. Hope this is the right place to ask my question. I couldn't find an existing subforum concerning the IRLink receiver.

    I'm having trouble configuring my universal infrared remote to transmit signals the Insteon IRLinc 2411R Receiver will respond to. Here are the details:

    I currently use my Insteon Receiver to control 2 lamp dimmer modules and 2 x-10 devices. I use a universal remote control (URC model MX-980) to send infrared signals to the Insteon receiver. This setup works correctly -- I can use my universal remote to control my lights.

    My understanding is that the Insteon Receiver can receive and respond to "NEC three or four-digit [infrared] codes" (according to the Receiver Owner's Manual). I don't know much about NEC codes, but NEC appears to be a common (though not universal) standard for transmitting infrared signals.

    To set up my remote, the Insteon Receiver, and my current Insteon and x-10 modules, I (more or less) followed the Receiver owner's manual instructions:

    "a) Choose a mode on the remote that you don’t use (e.g., CD, AUX, PVR, etc)"
    "b) Use the remote’s documentation to set this mode to one of the NEC three or four-digit codes"
    "c) Point the remote at IRLinc from at least 6 inches away and tap the Power button"

    "• If the green Talk-back LED flashes, the IR code is compatible. Continue to Linking. See Linking IRLinc Receiver to an INSTEON Responder."

    "• If the Talk-back LED does not flash, the IR code from the remote is not compatible. Start over from step a with another IR code."

    I don't know if there's a way to explicitly tell my remote to use "NEC three or four-digit codes", so instead I configured my remote to transmit the infrared codes for a random A/V device that I do not have -- an Aiwa VCR. I discovered by trial and error that some of the codes for that device work with the Insteon receiver.

    My current problem is that I want to control another Insteon lamp module using my remote and the Insteon Receiver, and I've run out of infrared codes that work with the Insteon receiver. And I have not been able to identify another A/V device that uses codes compatible with the Insteon Receiver.

    Using the URC Complete Control software for my remote, I can download infrared codes for hundreds (maybe thousands) of different A/V devices into the remote. But the Insteon Receiver does not respond to any of the dozens of (random) codes I've tested. (The Receiver talk-back LED does not flash in response to any of the infrared codes I've tried.) Is there a way to identify a remote control infrared code set that's likely to work with the Insteon Receiver other than the tedious and unsuccessful trial-and-error process I'm using?

    Or is there a different procedure I should use to get my remote to work with the Insteon Receiver?

    012 014 016 019 023 024 039 040 043 048 056 062 176 132 130 134 197 236 237 262 272
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