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Using Mini Remote to control hidden DIN Rail and In-LineLinc Switch

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    Using Mini Remote to control hidden DIN Rail and In-LineLinc Switch

    I am new to Insteon devices, have the 2014 HUB and a number of switches. I'm trying to control a number of outside devices, so was planning on installing a number of DIN Rail Modules (2453-222) in a waterproof outside box. All of these Responders would be inaccessible... some behind light mountings high on walls.

    I have the Mini Remote 2342-222. My intention was to have the Mini Remote control Scenes (I now believe you can't do that), and also control individual Responders.

    PROBLEM -- It appears that the only way to program the Mini Remote is if you have access to the SET button on the Responder. But, since it is hidden behind lights/etc., does anyone know how to program the Mini Remote without ever touching the SET button on the Responder?

    That's not possible using the Hub because the Hub doesn't support the Mini Remote. If it were, than anyone with a Mini Remote could control your DIN Rail Modules.

    BTW, HouseLinc and/or an ISY can link the devices using the Insteon ID.
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      it's not true. the hub recognizes the remote control and you can create scenes that integrate the remote control and then link without pressing the set button on the responder (I do).


        If you are running the Insteon for Hub application on an iOS device you can use the app to pair devices to the mini remotes. if you are running android it will not be available. Depends on the user.

        The Insteon devices that run on battery will always need a manual set button push for linking.