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Using Mini Remote to control hidden DIN Rail and In-LineLinc Switch

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  • Using Mini Remote to control hidden DIN Rail and In-LineLinc Switch

    I am new to Insteon devices, have the 2014 HUB and a number of switches. I'm trying to control a number of outside devices, so was planning on installing a number of DIN Rail Modules (2453-222) in a waterproof outside box. All of these Responders would be inaccessible... some behind light mountings high on walls.

    I have the Mini Remote 2342-222. My intention was to have the Mini Remote control Scenes (I now believe you can't do that), and also control individual Responders.

    PROBLEM -- It appears that the only way to program the Mini Remote is if you have access to the SET button on the Responder. But, since it is hidden behind lights/etc., does anyone know how to program the Mini Remote without ever touching the SET button on the Responder?

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    That's not possible using the Hub because the Hub doesn't support the Mini Remote. If it were, than anyone with a Mini Remote could control your DIN Rail Modules.

    BTW, HouseLinc and/or an ISY can link the devices using the Insteon ID.
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