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Changing the operation of the relay when an ON command is sent

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    Changing the operation of the relay when an ON command is sent

    I have installed an IO Link 2450 to control LED basement stair lights using the IO Link relay. My Home Control Assistant software (runs continuously) send an On command to energize the 2450 and an Off command to de-energize it. The Lights are connected to the NO and COM terminals.

    The documentation seems to suggest I can reverse this operation. The On command would de-energize the relay and the Off command would Energize the relay. I would connect the lights to the NC and COM terminals. Reason I want to do this is- in the event of a power-failure, the 2450 relay would de-energize and turn the lights on. The lights are powered via UPS and would work in the event of a power failure, thus lighting my basement stairs in the event of a night time power failure.

    According to the instructions, if I set the 2450 relay to the position I want it to be when an ON command is sent (de-energized OFF), then press and hold the set button on the 2413U until the beep, then press and hold the button on the 2450, until the beep, this should do that. It does not change anything.

    To sum up- I want an On command from my home control program to de-energize the 2450 and an OFF command energize the 2450 relay. What am I doing wrong, or can this be done?

    Look into how you set up Insteon Scenes in your software of choice.

    Module responses to the Insteon ‘Scene On’ commands are programmable. If instead you send a ‘direct’ command, whatever signal you send is how the module responds.