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I/O Module for Garage Door not Recognize by Hub or iOS app

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  • I/O Module for Garage Door not Recognize by Hub or iOS app

    I have wired in an I/O like module into my garage door and set it up to linked to my Hub. I now get a yellow indicator on the iOS app and the hub does not see it. When I first set up the I/O module nothing I did allowed the Hud to see the I/O while plugged into the garage door opener 110 outlet. If I put the I/O module near the hub no problem, I finally had to install range extenders since the garage 110 outlets are the furthest point form the circuit panel. This worked fine for a while, then in the last 6 months the I/O module is back to showing yellow indicator in the app.

    Through some trial and error I figure out if I plug in a lamp module into the same circuit as the garage I/O module the Hud see the module and I am able to control it again from the App no more yellow indicator. If I unplug the lamp module I can continue see the I/O module for a time period and then it disappears, and I have proven if the power is interrupted to the I/O module the Hub no longer sees it again and I have to plug in the lamp module to make it appear. I also attempted to put the range extender on the same circuit as the I/O module and it does not solve the problem actually the Hub will not see the range extender in the garage.

    My question is this, has anyone run into this problem where a modules appear and disappear based on where it is located in the house and if you add another module in the same location everything works fine. I am trying to figure how to permanently fix this without sacrificing a lamp module.

    I am thinking I have some sort fo power line noise issue since i notice during xmas when I when I add lamp modules to control xmas lights I have one lamp module which acts the same way, it appears and disappears. Most times I just unplug it and plug it in again and the Hud sees it again and it is fine for a period of time. I also use to use X10 and have abandon it since I was having too many problems with not being able to control modules not on the same phase as the controller, and I also put in a phase bridge and it did not fix the issues.

    Any insight anyone can provide would be helpful.
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    The IOLinc is of a handful of remaining single-band, power line band designs, and garages tend to attract chargers, fluorescent fixtures, old cfl and led loads, and even openers that can be unfriendly to power line signals. You could put power line filters on the other power loads in the garage to try to isolate the interference, or you could plug a dual-band module into the pass through outlet on the IOLinc to try to bypass the trouble.


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      Thanks, you confirm my suspicions, I have not been using Insteon long, only a few years and have been playing with it to replace what I use to have in X10. I am very familiar with all the interference items you listed with X10. It was my understanding Insteon did not have many of these issues. The lamp module I plugged in is the newest one they sell so I my understanding it is dual-band, I also have the old style SignaLincTM RF 2442 which is suppose to be dual-band and I know I have one on each phase of the circuit panel.

      Now, I did not know LED lights cause interference problems, If thought about it, this would make sense since they are converting AC to DC and it using some sort of high frequency bulk circuit to step down the voltage. The problem is have replaced all my lights with LED in the house. I gotten rid of my florescent fixture and CFL. In my garage I only have LED fixtures. But they have been in place well over a year now. Now I am wonder is some other lights I recently put in is now causing this problem. BTW I have a compressor and power tools in my garage and when the running at least in the pass never causes problems with the I/O linc.

      The Lamp-module which comes and goes on the xmas lights is controlling LED lights, but I have other Lamp-Modules which also have LED lights plugged into them and they do not have an issue. I feel like I am back to the X10 issue all over again which I have trying to get away from with the interference issue.


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        The 2442 Signalinc module will not do anything for you. When talking to the present Dual Band modules.

        They may couple the two phases but I am not 100% sure they do the latest I2CS protocol. Since a pair would be communicating to each other on the original Insteon RF frequency.

        It used the original Insteon RF frequency of 904MHZ.
        All the Dual Band Modules and RF only modules. Use 915MHz. So did the 2443 Access Points and the present 2992-222 Range Extender.

        The 2457D Lamp Module is Dual Band.
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          That equipment might be older than you think.

          The SignaLinc RF, for instance, was only sold between 2005 and 2009. Nine years ago they started exchanging them for the new Access Point that used a slightly different frequency. All the RF and dual-band gear sold after that uses the new frequency, so if one of your pair of SignaLinc RFs has worn out, then that signal bridge is no longer functional.

          You may have answered your own question. Your Insteon network has probably degraded a bit over time because of a worn-out bridge, interference has grown on your power line signal environment because of the move to electronic loads, and remaining gear (especially legacy, single-band devices) are struggling to hear each other as a result.

          Your system could use some maintenance. I don’t recommend anything radical, but I would make sure two dual-band devices are serving as a signal bridge for legacy single-band power line gear. If some controls are still tough to reach, you might want to selectively replace two or three with newer, dual-band equivalent devices.

          Also, if you are still using legacy x10 gear, make sure you don’t have an active x10 signal repeater that is interfering with the Insteon mesh repeater messages.
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