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Bulb issue and question

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    Bulb issue and question

    I'm having an issue, hopefully something simple.

    We have a ceiling fan with lights in the bedroom. The dumb switch controls ALL power to the fan/lights and to adjust fan or lights, one must pull the cords.

    Until I can do something better, I thought I'd put 2 of the Insteon smart LED's in there, pair them to my hub and make a scene to turn them both on/off.

    Paired fine to hub
    Scene created and it works on/off as expected.

    Here's where the problem is. When the wife turned off the fan from the switch, of course the lights go off/not reachable from the hub (again, expected as there is no power)

    Situation. When we power the fan back on, BOTH lights come on, no matter if they were ON or OFF before turning off the switch.

    This is NOT acceptable. Can't have them coming on EVERY time the power gets flipped off to the lights. If they were OFF before the switch, they should STAY off after.

    What am I missing?

    See my response on the other forum.
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