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  • Led compatibility list

    I am new to insteon and though I came across a list of tested brands or models of leds at some point. I can't find it now. Does anyone know the location of this information or have a list


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    I wouldn't worry about the list as much only because updates to bulbs can render the list inaccurate. I would recommend purchasing your bulb of choice and testing it for compatibility prior to investing heavily into 1 bulb.

    With that said, Philips warm glow, feit, and crew are a few brands that have consistently worked well with Insteon.

    When buying I would purchase a few extra only to ensure that future changes to the bulbs doesn't change how they operate. The could be color temperature, look, brightness, and other stuff.


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      As mentioned. Manufacturers do change their designs.
      I had some Philips Alien Head style LED bulbs. They modified the electronics and used fewer LEDs at a brighter intensity. They acted differently on dimmers. Only an 'A' was added to the part number to differentiate the two different versions.


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        Darn kind of sounds like but for the future ,test heavily and pray for few changes. The bleeding (cutting) edge is a troubling place to be I guess . Thanks for the replies