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Win10-64 issues with Plug-in Ver

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  • Win10-64 issues with Plug-in Ver

    I've had.. an issue with accessing the SD card in my indoor HD camera when I'm using Win10-64...If I navigate to the Record tab, SD Card Management, and then click the SD Card Management button on the screen, I get the "Loading...please wait" message, and after a few seconds a File Manager window pops up...3 seconds later, another File Manager window pops up. Both windows say "This folder is empty".
    When I access the same camera from a Win7 machine, running the same application and plug-in, it works perfectly - the File Manager window that pops up shows the files stored on the SD card of the camera.

    I went through a session with Support about 3 months ago trying to get this sorted out, even allowed them remote access to my camera and computer so they could see what was happening. They verified that that looked like an issue, and they would be working on it.

    I've heard nothing from Support since then, and the only driver installer that shows on the support web site is the old 2015 version.

    Does anyone else see this problem, and has anyone managed to get SD access working on a Win10-64 machine?

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    Try IE tab in Chrome just as a diagnosis tool.


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      Try using explorer


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        Originally posted by lilyoyo1 View Post
        Try using explorer
        Play with permissions in settings. I think there's a walkthrough on Insteon Support.
        Did you resolve this issue Steve76063 ?