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Cameras work on Ethernet, can't switch to WiFi

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    Cameras work on Ethernet, can't switch to WiFi

    I was about to dump all my Insteon products (hub, plugs, bulbs, cameras, etc.) after hearing Insteon was no more.

    I recently discovered it has been resurrected (happy about that) and pulled out all the old stuff.

    Downloaded the IOS app, got the hub working, got the plugs working, got the bulbs working and now I am on to the cameras.

    I plugged camera into power and ethernet, went to the app, everything installed correctly, I can see the cameras, gave it a user name and password, etc

    When I remove the ethernet cable from the back of the camera, I can no longer see it and can't find where on the app I can check or change the WiFi settings.

    I'm not running Windows anything, I have a MAC and not sure there is any software anymore to configure the cameras.

    Any help?

    As I recall, the camera setup is actually inside the camera, not external software. But, that's what comes to mind; I don't swear by it. Also, you should mention which cameras you are talking about. The old Insteon cameras barely work (if at all) with the second-generation Insteon app (the one with huge ass tile buttons that waste the whole screen.) I have a number (~6?) of those old HD carmeras (2864-222 I think) and I am using them on the old Insteon app. The only thing I use the newer app for is to add e.g., "Sunset + 30 minutes" and the like. Once set up, I only use the old app. However, since Insteon was brought back alive (via Ken & Co.) the camera view in the app only appears for 25 seconds. I have to partly "close" the app in iOS and then pull it back open, and the view refreshes. No idea what that's about. Everything else (scenes, controls, devices) work as expected.

    As for the camera WiFi connection, I originally was able to get WiFi working on only 2 cameras – way back when. So I resorted to using Ethernet for the rest (not fun.) A few years later, I decided to give it another whirl. I reset all cameras, and was then never able to get a single one working via WiFi. (sigh)
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      I agree with your post, the new app is worthless and I’m having camera dropout issues much the same