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  • Camera and Third Party Software

    On Insteons website they claim you can connect to the Insteon IP cameras using third part apps for your ISO devices like CamViewer, Foscam Viewer or IP Cam Viewer and I saw some people who stated they got their cameras to work, but no one provides complete explanations.

    I have set up my router to port forward, but even when I try connecting within my own network it still gives errors like can not download data. The Foscam app does locate the camera but gives and error saying the camera is not supported. I have not found an app which allows me to connect to the camera, I even tried IP Cam Viewer which other suggested and it does not work. I even tried just connecting

    Here is some screen Captures of what my settings look like, any insight would be appreciated.

    The links below will take you to specific video tutorials that will help you set up your new SD Insteon wireless IP camera .   Install IP Camera Tool Configure Camera for Wireless Operation Configure Network Settings Configure Remote Access using UPnP Configure DDNS Service Settings

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    I use a Windows app on a Surface RT and my Windows 10 PC called IP Cam Controller for my old Insteon SD Cameras. They have a camera type of SmartHome to pick from. I just name the camera, enter the ip address, enter the port, username, and password. I leave the Channel no. blank and make sure the SSL/HTTPS is not checked.


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      The 2864-222 OEM Foscam model is FC2401P. Anything like that listed?