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HD IP Camera not allowing me to send alerts through gmail

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    HD IP Camera not allowing me to send alerts through gmail

    I just got this camera, and I'm already really irritated that I can't set up a scene or really anything through the Insteon app. If I would have known that ahead of time I would have picked a different product altogether.

    I'm trying to set up alerting for this HD camera, 2864-22x is the model, and it has the latest firmware and application version on it already.

    I've set up everything correctly in the email settings,, 587 port, STARTTLS, sender username is my full email address, password is correct, and sender email is correct. I've tried sending to my email, and to my phone with without success. I've also tried using Chrome and IE, as my friend also has Insteon and had suggested I tried IE.

    The error I'm getting is "authentication failed (method LOGIN)" which makes no sense. I even checked my recent devices to see if the camera was on there so I could allow it access to send emails, but it's not in the list, so it's not even completing a login on my account to send the email. I'm getting very frustrated and I've searched everywhere, and no one else seems to have this issue but me other than the people who have something wrong in their setup, which I do not.

    Any ideas?

    Yes, this has to do with google trusting 3rd party applications using your email.

    You need to log into your google account.

    Click My Account->Apps with account access

    Lower right you will see "Allow less Secure Apps" Flip that and try resending the test. It should work then.


      I'm also starting to think it's this piece of crap camera, I'm getting "success" trying to send through my hotmail account, but no test messages ever show up, either to my email, or as a text to my phone.

      SeanM Yeah I don't want to set my whole account to less secure.
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        Ok, so it seems that no matter what I put into the receiver box, it always sends a test email to my sender account in hotmail. I have 5 test emails in there so far, and each one I had a different "receiver" set up.

        ok, I finally got it to work. The trick is to click save on the configurations at the top. Once I clicked save, it stopped sending messages to my hotmail account and started sending them to where I want.