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HUB 2 died

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  • HUB 2 died

    My Hub 2 (2245-222) died a few days ago and I quickly replaced it and during my research to how to migrate easily I found that there is a lot of them failing after 2 yrs. or close to it. Since I already replaced mine I contacted support about the issue and their response was that they are aware of the issue and are looking into it. They also said they are assisting people with failed units the best they can even if it is out of warranty. They were not specific on what they are doing, but I recommend anyone who has one that fails to contact support and see what they will do for you. However I think if you are a year or more out of warranty you might be out of luck, but if a month or 2 they may do something for you. I hope they get the issue resolved with their equipment because I like their products. I would like to see more devices for home automation and improvements in some. Anyway that is my 2 cents. I hope that others find this msg. useful.