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AppleTV control of insteon HomeKit devices?

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  • AppleTV control of insteon HomeKit devices?

    Is it possible to control devices like switches and thermostats without the Hub Pro? The AppleTV site seems to indicate it can control them...

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    There are many ways to control insteon devices. What you need (if anything) would depend on HOW you want to control your devices. If you are asking in regards to using Homekit then you will need to use the Hubpro. Apple TV nor homekit will work with Insteon devices without the Hubpro

    Insteon devices can be manually linked to one another for basic control (ie: a keypad turning on a group of different lights). You could also use basic software such as the standard Insteon hub and control them via an app. Finally, you could use an advanced automation controller such as the ISY994 and have a fully automated home.


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      Some companies develop products that do not require Hubs and offer full HomeKit compatibility. Other companies such as Insteon and Phillips Hue require a user of their own Hubs.

      So yes, you can buy a thermostat for instance that doesn't require a Hub to use with the Home app (and AppleTV or iPad when away from your home) such as the Ecobee. And you can buy HomeKit switches that don't require a Hub. However, if you want to buy an Insteon Thermostat or and Insteon Switch, yes, Insteon requires you use their Insteon Hub Pro (or if you are for a custom advanced solution you can buy an ISY994 Hub and with coding and other devices you can use Insteon devices without a Hub Pro.

      The AppleTV official website will only mention that it "can" connect directly with devices, but it's up to device manufacturer's to build support for that which Insteon does not.