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Hub software insists on keeping 8-button keypad's Button Configuration at "6"

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    Hub software insists on keeping 8-button keypad's Button Configuration at "6"

    I'm using the 2245-222 Hub and the iPad app.

    I've successfully detected one of my keypad devices, but in Edit Device, the Button Configuration shows as "6", even though the keypad itself is operating in 8-button mode. If I tap it and change it to "8", it reverts back to "6" after a few seconds. I can't get the setting to stick.

    I've gone so far as to delete the keypad from the Hub, factory-reset the keypad, manually set it to 8-button mode, then rediscover it on the Hub. It still does the same thing, insisting that it must be a 6-button keypad.

    Also, the On Level and Ramp Rate properties are just showing spinners; they never stop spinning.

    This is extraordinarily frustrating, as I have two other 8-button keypads that the software recognizes and operates correctly.

    If I recall correctly, the keypads that are recognized are newer hardware than the one that is not. Is the Hub not fully compatible with older Insteon devices?

    Would you have access to then? So you can post the hardware and date codes from the labels. Between the working and not working ones?


      The keypad in question has these labels: "V1.4 3448", "2486D 0643"

      One of the working keypads has these labels: "V5.35 1027", "2486DAL8"

      The other working keypad has this label: "INSTEON 2334-222 Rev.7.0 1014"

      I have several more of the "V1.4" keypads. I've just tried configuring another one, and got the same result as with the first one.

      I think I bought and installed the V1.4 keypads sometime in 2006(!). Do I need to replace all of the older keypads with newer models? That could be pricey.
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        Thank you for the added information.
        I am not a HUB user so I can't say that the older keypads are the issue. Your results see to point in that direction. Could also be a power line signal issue as the old keypads are power line only.
        I expect others with more HUB experience will provide added information


          Originally posted by TFitzpatri8
          The original Insteon modules were single band and didn't support the extended messages the much newer Hub uses to configure features. If you have a lot of legacy (6+ years) gear installed, or if you have any x10 gear still, you may want to exchange the Hub for an ISY. The ISY supports the more complicated link database editing necessary for remotely programming older gear.
          Heh, I had been using the ISY for a few years, but found its config software a real pain to use. It is definitely not for the casual user. I was wanting something more modern, that would play nice with mobile/tablet devices, so I went with the Hub instead.


            The latest update for the ISY is September 30, 2016 which became official on November 10th . I'm not sure how much more modern you can get. Creating scene is a matter of Drag and Drop. I don't know how that can be any simpler.

            The ISY also has the ability to create conditional programs, that is, If This, Then do That. Programs are a bit more difficult, but plenty of on-line help is available.

            A simple example: If it's 30 minutes after sunset, then turn on the porch light.

            Programs are created using Click and Select.
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              You might try manually switching the keypads from 6 button to 8 and then add to the Hub. That will remove the extended command issue and we can see if the Hub will add it after the fact. This sometimes has to be done on the ISY as well for the older keypads.