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  • Using Hub with Router

    I just received my 2242-222 Hub and want to use Houselinc which I have downloaded onto my PC. I have a Linksys E2500 Router. My question is how do I get the Hub and the Computer to recognize one another. I have heard that you need to forward the port. Are they talking about the port that is listed on the back of the Hub and what about that address that is listed on the back of the Hub. Do I use that as well and how? Port forwarding is new to me.

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    Use the (iOS, Android or Windows) app to create an account. The app will find the Hub and will provide directions for port forwarding for your router.
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      RustleRustle, all you need is the Hub's IP address if you want to use it exclusively with HouseLinc.

      If you are a bit savvy, you can find this in the client list of your router. If not, INSTEON support can help you get setup.


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        Little hint: Since the Hub doesn't have a name, look in your router's attached devices for the MAC address that is printed on the bottom of the hub. You should be able to find that in the router list of addresses assigned, and that will then tell you the IP that has been assigned to the Hub. Preferably assign a static IP to the hub, which would be done based on the MAC anyway.