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    Network reset

    I have an Hub 2242-222 with the blinking red light problem. I can not access the hub with iPhone.

    I have tried powering off, waiting 30 seconds, powering on, several times. That did not work.

    The next step is apparently to try a network reset, But instructions to that do not address the KEY QUESTION .. outcome of following the network reset procedure … if I network reset, will that AXE everything in my hub and app settings?

    Am I going to then need to go around my house doing factory resets on all devices, re-link everything to my hub again, set up everything in the app again, naming and linking all devices again, setting up scenes again?

    Sheesh. My problem just got worse. I had the hub unplugged, sitting in my lap, to view model number, when posting above. Just plugged it back in … no status lights. Green light is blinking where the network cable is connected though. So, I guess that does indicate that the hub is getting power. And, no connection to HUB with iPhone.

    Dead Hub?

    Anything I can do without needing to factory reset 35+ devices, reestablish all cross links, scenes, et al.?

    Should I try taking it to an electronics shop to have capacitors replaced?

    If I buy a new Hub, could good folks at Insteon port over all settings prior to shipping it to me?
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      Instructions state a network reset will only affect network settings. Since you are on the 2242 model this also means you will need to update your port forward rule.

      The 2242 model is not able to port any setting over to the current 2245 model but you can request a device list for your Hub from Insteon. At least you will have ID's and names.


        Thank you.

        But, when you tell a non-technical person that it “will only affect network settings” … I have no idea what that means. It could just as easily mean it wipes out everything … scenes, timers, IDs, names, app, everything. So, those insteon instructions are far from satisfactory for a non-technical user.

        And, “update your port forward rule” … yeah, that’s Greek to me too.

        I’ll call and try to get technical help tomorrow.

        Insteon has been a very frustrating, time consuming experience. And this hub outage is going to be an absolute nightmare if I have to go around my home, factory reset everything, and set up everything again. What a waste … because they can’t control the quality of their product. Over the years, I have had 2 keypads, 3 sensors, a light module, and now a hub, go bad. Poor quality. Poor quality. Poor quality.


          Called technical support. They are nice, helpful people. New hub on the way. Unfortunately though, will have to factory reset all devices, reinstall everything, set up new scenes and timers. Will take a full day, maybe two.

          Reviewed my list of devices. Initial installation was 2012. Have 39 devices now on my system, 4 spare devices. Over the years … 3 Appliance Lincs, 1 Keypad, and 2 Motion Sensors have gone bad. 6 of 39, about a 15% fail rate. And, now a Hub. Quality needs work.