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Hub pro stopped controlling every device

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  • Hub pro stopped controlling every device

    Hi... been using Hub Pro for years as a conduit to HomeKit. Mostly works with some irritations.

    Today everything that that is Insteon says “No Response”. That’s happened before and usually all it needs is to be unplugged for a minute or two and it works again. No such luck this time.

    if I open the Insteon+ app it thinks it’s controlling the stuff... I press it and it turns green but of course nothing happens. However the Insteon+ app can still control my philips hue bulbs, but I’m guessing that The Insteon+ app is really just showing what HomeKit it telling it to show?

    Any suggestions? I really, really don’t want to have to wipe out the Insteon hub and start over with 25+ Insteon devices and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don’t want to complete wipe out HomeKit and re-enter upwards of 70 devices again.

    I have long long ago lost the manual for hub pro and I don’t even see any support for it any more. If I hit the reset switch does it kill everything or is it just a soft reboot? I assume if I hold it down for 10 seconds or so it’ll first-Birthday the hub pro?

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    What color is the light on the front of the unit showing?


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      Go to Insteon web site and support link - then click on search documentation - then type in hub pro. You should get link to manual.