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Insteon Pro Hub - how to setup correctly in 2019

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  • Insteon Pro Hub - how to setup correctly in 2019

    Just picked up a cheap pro hub to try and get Siri integration working. I have a dozen or so dimmer switches that I would like to control. I did the hub reset process hold the set button wait for beeps and another two then power cycle. I then go into Apple HomeKit app and attempt to add the new accessory and I attempt to scan the code on the bottom and the error message said code not recognized. I tried to add the hub in the Insteon plus app and I can see it when trying to discover devices but keep getting cannot add hub error message. What am I doing wrong? This there an order of operation I should be following? Since Insteon discountinued the pro hub has support been dropped for all existing customers?
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    I would contact tech support. I suspect it is still connected somehow to the previous owner.