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  • hub quit controlling

    sorry if this has been addressed... I love my Insteon system and it has worked great for a long time. A few days ago, (probably around DST I would guess) it just quit turning lights on and off. I can turn on and off individual lights manually, but the scenes do nothing. I have not changed a thing! Any ideas or has anyone else seen this?

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    Do you mean scenes don’t work (i.e tapping a scene, then tapping the on (top) side of the virtual on-screen switch, or do you mean schedules don’t work?

    If you mean schedules aren’t working, go back to settings, house, location, and reset your hub location.


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      I mean the schedules are not working. I can turn on and off individual switches, or i can turn on or off a scene and it works. I will reset the hub location now. I should know in 35 minutes because my first scene is at 5pm CDT


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        That didnt change anything... Can still control from app, but schedule doesn't work. Any other ideas?