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    Daylight Savings

    Searches show that Daylight Savings time problems have been around a long time, but the latest post seems to have been back in 2017.

    I'm still having problems with this on a 2242-222. I've checked settings and DST is set to "ON" but scheduled events are happening one hour early. Location is also correct.

    So, does "ON" mean that the hub is supposed to follow DST changes or does it mean that it is NOW DST?

    Bottom line, how does one deal with this when an event NEEDS to happen at a set "clock" time?

    A related note... in the Android app, users with older eyes who need to have large fonts set means that the last entry in scheduled events is not visible.

    Thanks in advance,

    Beverly Howard

    One more observation...

    "HUB TIME" in SETTINGS/HOME is blank and has no options or response when tapped.

    App version 1.9.8

    Beverly Howard