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    I have a question about using the Hub through the app vs. using the physical light switch. In cases where I control a 3 or 4 way switch setup, the status lights don't always match across all switches in the 3/4 way grouping. If the light is turned on using the physical switch, all will correctly display the status of the lights. However, when controlling through the app or Alexa, only the one controlling the load will reflect the correct status. Is there a way to get all to correctly reflect the status?

    Thank you

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    You have to control the scene itself in the app not the switch.


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      lilyoyo1 is correct. Using a app to turn on (or off) a device affects that device only, not any of its links. That's actually part of the Insteon protocol. To do otherwise can lead to an infinite loop. If you want to control more than one Insteon device concurrently, then you must control the scene, not the device.
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        Thanks all. I must have set something up in the app incorrectly then. For example I added one of the switches in "1st floor hallway" to the app, while the other switches on the 3 way weren't added to avoid duplicate names for Alexa. Everything is in scenes, and even when I say or use the app to turn on "Welcome Home" only the switch controlling the load will display the correct status on its LED lights. All others will show LED lights as off.


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          Everything must be done as the scene itself. All devices should be added together in the scene (using both). You would then name the scene itself welcome home and not the device. Then in Alexa choose the actual scene to control.