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  • Open Source Windows App

    Hi - Would you consider open sourcing the windows app on GitHub? You'd be able to control the official release of the software just like tons of other open source projects. The benefit would be lots of help adding features, fixing bugs. You don't charge anything for the app anyway. I fail to see what harm it could do or what difference it would make except that it would help to serve the overall Insteon community.



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    This is a user-to-user forum. It seems that what you are asking about should be directed to the manufacturer.
    Message from Forum Admin: stusviews passed away in April 2018. Stu was a huge fan of Insteon and a huge presence on both the Smarthome and Insteon forums, helping thousands of us along the way (he had nearly 20,000 posts to his name). We thank him for his contributions, dedication, and passion for making the Smart Home a reality. He will truly be missed.
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