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16-Jun-2015 APP update

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    I'm on the new hub and everything is broken for me. I see current device status but nothing can be controlled.


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      Originally posted by rybob1 View Post own reputation is tarnished some, as I recommended Insteon to several others, all having the same problem with their phones.
      This could be the worst part also for me since I suggested and installed INSTEON product in 3 different friends' house. Thanks God I am the only one using the Windows APP and they're all using Android phones.
      It could be a real shame for me


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        I have received a replacement Hub from Insteon, and it's introduced a host of new problems.
        ​The windows phone app cannot add any devices reliably. I have e-mail Insteon support five or six times over a week, no response yet. Some screens are misformatted. Buttons don't work, Fields are missing (Nothing important, just password fields, to set up devices) When I add new devices from IOS, works much better. It's like someone wrote the app, and never actually used it.

        ​Now my leak detector transmits 30 alerts in 10 minutes to tell me it's dry. It was never wet, But I guess it's really REALLY dry now. Motion detectors activate every 10 seconds when set to 15 minutes time out. I have to ignore the text string to keep from losing my job, and of course, no push notification on windows phone. No SMS support, and so all their messages get lumped in with all other e-mail to text messages.