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Insteon App slooooowww outside of home

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  • Insteon App slooooowww outside of home

    I don't know if maybe I missed something in setup or what.. I thought I followed the instructions right and looked up ports to open up on my router (even though UPNP is enabled). But whenever I go to the insteon app it takes at least 60 seconds to even log in and get in to my main page if the app doesn't hang first on my phone.

    ​My upload is 5mbps so while that isn't incredibly fast.. it still is sufficient enough to do the simple tasks required... hell I can stream HD video form my home with plex faster than I can change my thermostat or check my SD camera to see why my son opened the door....

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    Yes. It I slow to open. There is a bug (and I believe this effects the Android app as well) that the app will hang if you try to re-open it from the home screen. You need to either back out each time you leave the app, or resume using the app from the app carousel, or force close and then re-open.


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      I agree. My friend was demoing Wink so I pulled up my Insteon to race him. He was in his system instantly and turning lights on/off. I was still waiting to sign on... It took about 30 seconds. My demo was a major fail. It is almost as if they are using a free server that idles down when no one is using it and it takes time for the server to wake up when a request comes in. Anyway, the slow access was an embarrassment for me. I wish they would invest a little more time in polishing the experience. It is very important to their success.