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IOLinc Status (Garage Door Kit)

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  • IOLinc Status (Garage Door Kit)

    I recently installed the garage door kit (74551). Wiring and general functionality of opening/closing the door all seems to be fine.

    But my big issue seems to be getting the sensor status (door open/closed) in the main/favorites view in the Insteon app for WP8.1. Basically, it seemingly shows old/outdated status all of the time (seemingly closed - gray), even after a refresh. If I go into the device-level view (by tapping on the little grid icon), the status appears correctly (say, bright green and saying open).

    I have set the device settings (at the device level page) to supposedly show status of the sensor, not the relay. But this behavior makes me think that perhaps the main/favorites screens are ignoring this preference and instead showing relay status, which would just be a very brief, momentary close to make the garage door go up/down.

    Has anyone else experienced this, or have any ideas that I can try? It's currently too cumbersome to check the status of the door, unless I really, really want to.


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    Attached are a few screen captures. The first one (main/favorites view) is the one that I'd really like to show door status, but it always shows gray (synonymous with off). Also attached is the device level status (which is correct), with settings. All I really want is a quick look to see the door status, not having to hunt through device settings to see such a thing.