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Problems in the WP8 app

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    Problems in the WP8 app

    I'm listing here the problems I've found so far with the WP8 app in case it might be useful. Please let me know if this is the right place or there is a better way

    1) Selecting a sensor from within a room or the All devices list gives the message "Feature Coming Soon" and no status page is displayed.

    2) Selecting a sensor from the Favorites list produces the message "Feather coming soon!". Not "Feature", but "Feather" :-) After that the sensor page info is displayed, but the status is always Unknown with the rotating cursor going on forever.

    3) Resuming the app after it has started shows me an empty room page called "Living room". However, I haven't defined any room with that name. Pressing the phone back button from there makes the app crash.
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    Update: I've deleted and added again the sensor and now it works fine. It had been installed with the Android version of the INSTEON for Hub app. Maybe this caused a problem or I did something wrong initially (however I could see the sensor properly with the Windows 8 app). Anyway, all is well what well ends.

    I still have problems when resuming the WP app, it always crashes and has to be restarted, but apart from this I'm am happy user now.


      I have the same issue when resuming the phone app. It just sits on the logo screen and never loads. I have to force close it, then try again and it always opens fine. It also opens fine the next time I try to use it as long as I remember to hit the "back" button in the app so it closes correctly.


        Are we ever going to see a W8.1/WP8.1 app update? I have grown so frustrated with the issues and shortcomings with the current app. My latest issue is that I received a wireless outdoor camera for Christmas and had to use my daughters iPod to be able to set it up. Once it is setup I can't view the video stream from any of my W8.1 or WP8.1 devices. PLEASE start updating this app.


          The problem as I am seeing it is that the "tomb-stoning" feature is not working correctly. If you do anything in the Insteon Hub app and then simply hit the "Windows Start" button to go to your live tiles, the app is supposed to "tombstone" or go into a suspended or deactivated state. Then when you return to the app via task switching or if you re-launch the app while it is deactivated, it should pick up right where it left off and resume operating.

          ​But this app goes to the blue screen with the logo on it and stays there forever. I have found that by always exiting out completely (hitting the "back" button until I get the message "Do you really want to exit..." and then hit "Yes", I can always launch the app without hanging up on the blue logo screen.

          So developers: Please fix the tombstoning code!