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Cortana don't work!

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  • Cortana don't work!

    I have Windows nokia lumia 920 in italian language and cortana don't work with insteon.
    If i change phone Language to English cortana work.
    WHEN will be available for Insteon Cortana in Italian ?

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    Hi Lubeat - I have the same problem (Lumia 1520 - Forum link:

    It appears to only work with 'English (United States)'. I've emailed Customer Support now to ask about it (and whether other regions/language packs will be added) as it doesn't say anywhere on their site that its only available in the US


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      thanks alot.

      Keep me posted on responses UPDATED


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        Which version of Windows are you using? According to MS, only 8.1 has all the features.
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          wp8.1 of course. I have 2 wp8.1 and don't work. If I set English language work.

          Software : windows phone 8.1 update
          so version:8.10.14219.341
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            I received an update from the tech support - apparently the hub app IS meant to work with the UK version of Cortana, but doesn't appear to be. They are going to bring it up between their tech team and Microsoft to see what's going wrong.


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              tanks so much