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  • Schedule don't fire

    I have 2 nokia lumia 920 upgraded with last update.
    If i schedule any device to turn on or off the schedule not fire !!
    What i can do?

    The alter work well but only from email!
    Can i recive text message?
    How can i do this?

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    Create a scene with the device(s) and schedule the scene.
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      I try what you say.
      I have create new scene. I added 2 device and I have activate schedule on time. The schedule not fire at the settimg time. What I can do?

      I think that the problem are into "regional setting" HUB.
      I can't save my regional setting and offset.
      if you want i can send you url and credential to check it into HUB.i have create olso video on youtube where you can see a problem.
      If you want i send you youtube url.
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        I can't get schedules to work at all when programming from my win phone. Tried with an iPad and it works perfect. Schedules are definitely broken in the WP app. I submitted a support request and received basically no help. Seems like Insteon isn't too interested in making things work for Windows users. The app is terrible compared to the iOS version. And now that SMS alerts have ended and there is no timeline for a Windows app that supports push, we kinda got screwed by Insteon.