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  • Beta Software at Best

    Why bother to release this software? It is beta at best. The Windows Phone software is the more stable option of the two by far. Select the wrong option from the phone version and the Windows 8 version will stop connecting to the hub. This is frustrating and doesn't have to be. I feel like the devs got a light to turn on and said done, ready to ship. You are killing your marketshare potential INSTEON!!! I've been waiting on the sidelines of home automation for 10 years due to the rash of incomplete solutions rushed to market. Do I need to wait another 10?

    Update: To be fair, I just tried my Windows 8 app again and it is now connecting to my hub. Still feeling sort of beta but at least I can get in and check out settings and make updates. Looking forward to continued updates. Thank you INSTEON for working on this.
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    Agreed. Win 8 App is cleaner and I do have it working. The Android App should be called Beta.