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Didn't there use to be ramp settings?

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  • Didn't there use to be ramp settings?

    I set up my system a long time ago with the old 2242-222 hub. My recollection was that there was a way with the Insteon Hub App to set those settings for my 2477D switch. Did I just do those manually on the switch and the WINDOWS software never had a way to do that?

    Now I have a 2245-222 and I see it looks like they are concentrating on the iPhone and Android and nothing more.

    So should the Windows Insteon Hub App be able to set those ramping parameters? I'm not finding a way.

    I'm just about to write my own app because the regular app is so odd to use and often awkward. I assume I could use an API to program the devices myself.

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    If you were only running the Windows Hub app you probably set that manually. The Windows version does not have an option for setting local properties like ramp rate and dim level.


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      Thanks. Ok, I thought I remembered the Windows UI had a place to set the ramp. But it has been YEARS since I got a new device and tried to add it with the horrible Windows app. I found the instructions to set the ramp manually and did that successfully.