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  • ControlHub for iPhone and iPad

    I just released a major overhaul to my ControlHub app for iOS:

    I wrote this app because of two reasons:
    - geo-fencing: I wanted my devices to turn on/off (e.g., garage door, kitchen lights) automatically as I enter/leave the house
    - Today Widget: I wanted to be able to control my devices without unlocking the phone or launching an app directly from the Today Widget.

    The app, of course, controls all the devices manually as well (it's also faster than the default Insteon app).
    The app automatically downloads info related to all your devices from the cloud and requires no set up related the Insteon devices.
    Security: you don't give your credentials to the app; you enter your credentials to Insteon's web-site directly and Insteon then sends a token to the app. So, the app never even sees your credentials.

    You can download the app for free and try it with one of your devices. To add all your Insteon devices requires a one-time in-app purchase ($5).