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  • Mini Remote Support for Android App

    Noticed that Sonos integration is coming for Insteon that will allow you to assign commands to the mini remote. Will we be seeing support for this in the Android app soon? Noticed that only the iOS app is able to pair the remote currently.

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    I just bought two mini remotes and am unable to program them using Android. So I need to know how to get them to turn my scenes on and off? Or are they useless?


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      I find the mini-remote programming on the android app to be frustrating because the app doesn't actually guide you through this properly. You need to understand how to manually program the remote and push the appropriate buttons to get it to work properly with the android app. The IOS app allows you to select the specific button on the remote to program and it will prompt you to push that button then setup the linking and will actually make sure the device being linked is in the appropriate state (ie. light on 50% if that is what you are linking) when it sets up the link. For the Android app it just indicates to push the "set" button for the linking/unlinking mode and you have to know that you need to push the desired button to link/unlink prior to putting the remote in the link/unlink mode, and once you push the button on the remote you need to set the device to be linked into the appropriate mode prior to telling the app to go ahead and link it. Pushing the button on the remote to select the appropriate button to link may change the state of the device being linked if you are changing a program.

      In general I go find the ipad whenever I want to modify anything on my insteon setup, it does a much better job of not getting the devices completely screwed up.


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        Any updates on this? Has anyone had a better experience on android recently? I just tried to set up a mini-remote in the android app and it appears to be in the same state as indicted by these posts, which are more than a year old.


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          So I just purchased 2 mini remotes to add to my 30+ Insteon home setup. Fired up my Android Insteon for Hub app and...can't find where to program the mini remote!??! Then found this thread... Is it STILL not supported on the Android app, all this many years later???


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            No responses, perfect.

            More digging; the Insteon for Hub app was last updated on September 19, 2017. So yeah, no mini remote support. I finally got a friend with an iPhone to help program them. Sad.


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              That would certainly answer my question. I've been having a heck of a time recently making even small adjustments with my android pad and phone. Not that you say that, I originally set this up with an iPad. If it's true, its shameful. I've spent a couple thousand dollars on Insteon, and they never advertised that they poorly supported android. I'll see if I still have an iPad and test this.