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    New to Insteon and find some things a bit confusing. Was trying to set up multiple lights with multiple on/off times for each for a 'vacation' setting. Saw a forum that said with my basic hub and Android app I would need to create multiple scenes. Some questions arise...
    1) Can I create a scene from multiple scenes? Can't seem to find a way. If I set up 3 scenes that turn lights on/off lights at specific times, can I link those 3 scenes to one so that I can turn just activate one scene to do all the work?
    2) On my app, if I create a scene that turns lights on at certain times, the little green indicator on the app does not light showing that my scene is 'on' when I turn it on. How do you tell if a scene is on and set to go? The only way I can see would be to wait until the various lights should go on and look at the individual devices for the green icon to see if they are on. Doesn't seem productive.

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    1. Cannot link scenes to scenes with the Hub. That would require a more powerful controller like Indigo, or ISY. The Hub can only have one triggered schedule event per minute so you need to plan how this will work. If two devices come on at the same time they could be in the same scene, or if one turns off and another turns on, etc....

    2. Insteon isn't like other automation systems. You can do almost anything and in any combination. The scene indicator, if green would indicate a scene is on, but what if that scene was an "All Off Scene", or a mixture of devices On and Off. Should the scene indicator be green or white? In the end Insteon left the LED status indicator for individual devices and opted to not show status in the Hub app for the scenes. The app will briefly show green after you turn the scene on, but will revert back to white.


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      To expand on what Sean said, if you are simply looking to set up a timer then a single scene with all the light in it wouldn't I terfere with your standard scenes that you want to control. For examole, if you have 20 lights throughout the house that you want to turn on at 7pm create a scene and set the timer for that. You could then have a scene with a few of the lights (for example: to control your living room) that you can still turn on/off independent of your timer.