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    Hi All,
    I'm trying to figure out what door lock (deadbolt) I should get to work with my insteon hub.
    Do i need other hardware?
    I found "INSTEON REMOTE CONTROL DOOR LOCK CONTROLLER" but its discontinued
    any assistance would be great


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    There are no other Insteon compatible locks. BTW, a problem with the Insteon controller for MiLocks is that status, locked or unlocked, was not reported. You may want to consider a smartlock or Z-Wave lock. The latter requires a Z-Wave controller.

    The ISY ia a very powerful Insteon controller, allows creating conditional (if this, then do that) and, with the optional Z-Wave module, can control Z-Wave devices. Although the iSY is somewhat costly, there's nothing more powerful that's fully self-contained. A browser is needed only to set it up, from that point on the ISY is independent.

    You can start with the lowest cost ISY and add to it as your budget permits, for example, you can upgrade to the Pro at any time
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