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Dimmer switch not sending broadcast message

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  • Dimmer switch not sending broadcast message

    I'm experimenting with advanced scene control using nodejs. I am able to send messages to the dimmer switch to turn it on/off, dim, etc. and the switch responds, but if I physically change the switch, shouldn't it send a broadcast back to the PLM? I also have a door open/close sensor, and I receive broadcast messages from that. Any idea why the switch doesn't send anything?

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    That requires that you first link the switch as a controller of the PLM.

    Insteon controllers broadcast signals only after they have at least one responder device in their link database, and require that the matching responder link be present in the responder's database in order for two-way signal acknowledgements and cleanup messages to operate.


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      Thanks for the reply. So the PLM is a controller of the switch and the switch is a responder only. So in theory if I made the switch a controller of anything else, it would also broadcast? Or does it have to be the PLM?

      So the door open/close sensor automatically works because it is a controller only?


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        Yes the switch has to be a Controller for the PLM that should then have the Responder link for the switch. In its Link Database.
        If you have the switch linked to other modules as a Controller but not the PLM. I believe it still will not see the broadcast.


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          Thanks again...i made the link bidirectional so the switch controls the PLM and the PLM controls the switch and everything works