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PLM database management

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    PLM database management

    We do not use ISY. We just use the PLM connected to computer serial and we deal with it as it is.

    I had the opportunity to use over 10 PLM 24135. The failure rate was 5 out of 10.
    The remaining ones still run into problems to our customer. Every month or so the DB gets vanished.
    This is happening on all PLM's (5 of them). Is mostly related to power failures or thunderstorms in the area.

    Then I go to the hassle to pair back 40 devices or so. We save the db upon pairing onto our back end, but we just can stare at it empty handed,

    I am looking for a procedure onto PLM serial to push the database of devices MAC adresses back to the
    PLM. Insteon support dep. kindly replied:

    We apologise to inform you that we do not have any other option which provides the function your looking for,
    Please feel free to write to us for any further assistance.

    Does anyone know how the ISY is doing it ?. The developer notes for the PLM does not cover DB management
    other than read DB first, read DB next.

    Also when a device has failed, and is not functional, how do we delete it from the DB. No functionality as well for this,
    Other than the pushing buttons here and there.

    Any ideas where to look would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    The PLM is dependant upon your controller so anything it does depends on what software you are using. To find out how UDI does it, you my want to contact Universal devices directly.

    in all of the installs ive done or been part of, ive never seen a plm "lose" links so I would be surprised if 5 of 10 are actually losing the links. Youre either experiencing comm issues or bad link management on the software side. What software are you using to manage your devices? What is the environment that the plm is in?


      With 5 out of 10 we had issues like
      intermittent communication, slow response form the serial like to grab the
      statuses of 10 devices could take up to 10 seconds. Temperatures like 200C,
      or mode out of the 0-4 range.
      data from mostly the thermostats, with a good CRC though.

      We use the modem connected to a Linux Intel Fanles box running a headless Linux.
      We wrote our own controller in C++. We use the USB2 Serial to communicate to the PLM.
      We implemented the protocol according to developer guide

      Link management is reduced to, read DB records when the app exits from pairing mode.
      Never happen when we add or remove devices, never ever and that was ober tested.
      Last time happen on a power failure due a thunderstorm.

      We have 5 test environments. Two of them never lost the DB. One has 30 devices (3 or 4 thermostats) and the other 7 (2 thermostats).
      The other 3 test environments lost the DB since November at least one time.
      We log every byte, and we did not do anytihng out of what is spcified int the developer guide
      Though we suspected that the db reset which is only 2 bytes [0x02,0x67] and no
      CRC on such a sensitive command can be getting to the end of the
      serial quite as once in hundreds of thousands of requests we send. Is not because we never
      got a confirmation back for such command.

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        Im aware of that post as I frequent the ISY forums as well. If your plms are old then it's possible they are going bad though that would literally mean 5-10 plms with the exact same issues. Having installed or been part of over 100 installs involving plms I would be highly suspect of such a failure rate. Especially ones with all of the same symptoms which leads me to believe you may be having other issues.

        I would purchase at least 1 isy or homeseer device to compare how they work with your plms in the environment you use your software in. By using common software itll be easier for myself and others to help identify where your problems are vs. doing so with custom code.


          Thank you.
          I'll purchase a ISY ad look at the serial interaction with the PLM. That will take some time. Ill update this post as I go.