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Powerlinc Modem - can I listen for broadcast messages?

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  • Powerlinc Modem - can I listen for broadcast messages?

    I need to be able to detect when a device with a pairing button (in my case, the 2663 dual outlet) enters pairing mode. According to the outlet spec, it should send "Group Broadcast Message on Activation" after I hold the button on the outlet down for 3 seconds.

    It appears the PLM won't pass these messages to me unless I'm already linked to the device.

    Is there a way to get the PLM to send me broadcast messages that pass by on the power line bus?

    Better yet, can I put the PLM into a "promiscuous" mode and listen for all bus activity?

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    Nope. If it did anyone could easily hack into any system


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      The most you could do is go into the Monitor Mode.
      It lets you see messages not directed directly to the PLM but still has to have the modules Insteon six digit ID in the Link Database.


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        I'm certainly hoping Insteon doesn't think not knowing the IDs of devices is a security mechanism. I'm pretty sure I could implement this by hacking the hardware to get at the bus more directly, as could anyone trying to hack into a network.

        At any rate, I am simply looking to identify which outlet is in linking mode. The reason for this is I am bridging to another type of network where the switches that I want to control the outlets does not have a pairing button. In that system only the controllable devices have pairing buttons; we pair a switch to a device by entering pairing mode on the device and pairing with the next switch that gets pressed.

        So the only way I can allow a user to set up a connection is by initiating something at the device. The 2663 has buttons that can put them into linking mode. If I can detect that, then my bridge to the other network can work seamlessly.

        Right now I'm trying to do this by occasionally (briefly) putting the PLM into ALL-linking mode and seeing if anything connects. I sometimes get a 0x53 completion message from the outlet that way, but sometimes I don't. I haven't been able to nail down what timing/order of operations works for this.
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          It's not about preventing hacking or making it impossible. It's about making it harder for someone to hack a system. Anyone with the knowledge and skills can hack into anything that's hackable. Allowing something that allows the avg person to access another person system is not good business


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            Yep, interesting topic and worthy of a different thread.

            Would like to keep this on on the "how can I detect my outlet has gone into linking mode" topic.


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              Do you have the Modem Developers Guide?
              May not be 100%. Now that things like the I2CS {I2 with Check Sum} is in all the present modules.

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                Curious, how would i2cs make a difference?


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                  After the Developers Group was disbanded. I lost touch with most of this.
                  I believe some of the examples may no longer be correct and I know the manual is showing the 2412S PLM not the present 2413S Dual Band ones.