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Virtualization and OS recommendtions for HouseLinc

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    I ended up getting a 2242-222 ethernet-connected hub. in addition to a serial and a couple USB ones. I like the ethernet the most because I don't need a physical cable from my laptop to the hub.

    I found I could install the HouseLincSetup.msi file on linux using PlayOnLinux, which is a re-packaging of Wine. Because it talks to the PLM over IP, it doesn't need a usb/serial interface, which was tricky with wine in the past. So I'm quite happy that I have a viable path to run HouseLinc again. Manually pairing devices is a no-go in a large house. It's ONLY resaonable with HouseLinc. Also worth noting, I had to tell PlayOnLinux to emulate the Windows Vista environment. I suspect Win7 would work as well as my vm for houselinc was running 7.

    Once I had HouseLinc installed in Wine via PlayOnLinux, I was able to import an xml 'save' file from the windows VM directly into HouseLinc on Linux and it worked if a little crash prone when I was first configuring the GPS position. I ended up having to paste in the lat long from google maps because city lookup was causing it to crash for some reason!


      I thought I'd bump this topic by asking if anyone is running HouseLinc on Windows 11? Please there's no need for reminders about the end of HL.