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Hub connection problems

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  • Hub connection problems

    2245-222 Hub will not connect using my AirPort Extreme when trying to connect through my phone on a new install of Insteon app, Hub not found. I checked all connections. Used connect.insteon at and it finds it. The app Fing, on my phone, finds it on my network. The insteon app won't. I have reset, unplugged, changed circuits, removed apps and reinstalled, run the diagnostics on the hub, reset hub, reset the AirPort Extreme. I am of the opinion, the only thing l haven't done is to throw this thing in the trash and walk away. Unless someone has another suggestion, that is my next move.

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    I just opened a new topic with this same issue. I believe our problems began at around the same time. My LED on the hub is red. Is yours green? I can find it on the network, the port 25105 responds to telnet, and I can see it using the web app, same as you... however, I can't even get the app on the phone to login... just spins forever and times out... I have a sneaky suspicion that the Airport is to blame, but I can't figure out what changed...


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      Who is your ISP provider? See topic below that might address your issue:

      I heard feedback that the CableONE DNS servers were blocking automation for Insteon and Wink. If you change the DNS server in your router to something else it will reconnect. I use (google)

      Insteon support has been talking with CableOne for a week or so regarding this and should be close to a resolution.