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Toggle switches work under app control, but not all together dusk to dawn on app

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    Toggle switches work under app control, but not all together dusk to dawn on app


    Long story, but our outside lights are on various panels in basement.

    I have five toggle light switches that the new insteon hub recognized and controls just fine under the app..

    The 'scene' ('outside lights) works just fine when triggerred manually in the app. They all come on or off together perfectly.

    One is an on/off only, brand new. The other four about 5 years old, 3way dimming type from smarthome. Same company?

    They work EXCEPT, when programmed to all turn on at dusk and off at dawn together, the older ones don't respond at all.

    Is this an evil plot by insteon to make me replace all the remaining toggle switches? (4)

    They are set so that any one toggle turns the other four on/off together.


    I doubt it's an evil plot. It could be differences in the firmwares between newer devices and older ones.

    With that said, it does seem weird that the hub can control the scene manually but not the same scene for your timer. I would try to rebuild the scene to see if that helps


      The issue is the FW. IC1, IC2....Older FW wont respond to the group time commands, so you end using the individual device timers that the Hub offers. The issue there is that you can only schedule one timer per minute, so you lose the ability to turn them all on together.

      When you have a mixture of new and old devices and are running into these types of issues the solution is to upgrade to a controller that handles all the FW. Most of us would recommend the ISY, but you can look at Indigo as well.


        At this moment. An ISY994i would not process Insteon or X10. As the needed 2413S PLM is out of stock and reported in the UDI forums, Maybe in 6 to 8 weeks for a 2413S.


          Looking for the same issue. Bumped into your thread. Thanks for creating it. Looking forward for solution. [URL=""]TelltheBell[/URL]
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