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Insteon how to get print out of devices & their id's connected to your hub

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  • Insteon how to get print out of devices & their id's connected to your hub

    How can I get a list of all the 90 insteon devices connected to my hub with their unique ID codes? For documentation I have printed out all 65 scenes and would prefer not to print out a page for each of the 90+ devices programmed into the hub. Any thoughts?

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    You can send in an email to [email][/email] requesting a device list. You will need to provide the Hub ID so they can look it up. I'm not sure what format they send it back in.


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      Thanks much will do.

      I have about 90 insteon devices and 70 scenes some with multiple keypads and switches.

      Because message board posts re. IOS being more robust than Android when changing scenes and deleting devices (i.e. devices that on android still trigger even though they no longer show up in the scene): I purchased an IPAD (my first). I got tired of disassembling and then re-assembling multi button scenes in order to properly remove the insteon device.

      I reinstalled a device on a scene that no longer has it listed but still triggers that device using my android tablet, then using the Ipad tried to remove the device. Once again the device was removed BUT still was triggered by the scene.

      How do I make these devices disappear using the IPAD as others seem to have success doing?


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        Can you inquire about api call history as well?