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Perils of Connecting Hub to Surge Protector?

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  • Perils of Connecting Hub to Surge Protector?

    When I took my hub out of the box, I plugged it into a surge protector to see if the lights came on, etc. I mistakenly left the Hub plugged in this way, and moved on with my device installs. Everything about the system has worked fine since, with one big exception: From time to time Alexa would advise me that the Hub was not responding. The solution to this was to unplug the router, plug it back in and wait for the Hub light to go green again. After reading one of the posts here, I was reminded to check where I had plugged the Hub in. Could plugging the Hub into the surge protector be responsible for the intermittent disconnects I have been experiencing?

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    Not the internet disconnects but device communication


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      If the surge protector has some power line noise suppression. Like a AC rated capacitor across the AC input {like some I have} it will absorb the Insteon power line signals.
      So power line signals could be compromised and the Insteon RF signals maybe marginal.

      Would not think it would effect the internet but communicating to other Insteon Modules.


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        The Hub should be plugged directly into a wall outlet as close to the panel as possible with no electronic devices such as a UPS on the same circuit, A surge suppressor may diminish the Insteon powerline signal.
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