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Insteon scenes are now controllable via Amazon Alexa!

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    Insteon scenes are now controllable via Amazon Alexa!

    This has been a long time coming but we're thrilled to finally have scenes controllable from Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, and other Alexa-enabled devices. Things to Keep in Mind When Using Insteon Scenes

    • If you already have scenes created, there is no need to do anything to start controlling them with Alexa
    • If a new scene is created you will have to re-run discovery, just as you do when adding new devices. Pro Tip: Amazon does a discovery automatically once an hour or so.
    • Supported commands: On and Off only. Dim, Bright and Set to % are not supported
    • Unsupported devices: all access control/security devices (I/O, lock controller, garage control) are automatically suppressed. So if you have scenes that contain actions for any of these types of devices, you will not be able to control the scene with Alexa.
    • Previously unsupported devices like our ceiling fan controller or the on/off outlet receptacle are now controllable via scenes. If you are an iOS user and have Sonos integrated, you can now activate scenes containing Sonos speakers.
    • Naming conventions may become an issue. If a scene and device are named the same or are similar, Alexa will have difficulty knowing which one you want to control. The obvious fix is to give scenes and devices unique names.

    Learn more about controlling Insteon scenes with Amazon Alexa