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How to remove scene without device working?

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    How to remove scene without device working?

    I have moved to a new house, and brought most switches with me. I did not delete scenes or switches before I moved. I am trying to delete scenes, so I can delete devices and start fresh, but it keeps giving me errors because it cannot communicate with the devices any longer. Is there a way around that?

    Your best bet is a factory reset of each device. Scroll down on the list to find directions for different device types including switches

    Wall Switches & Keypads
    1. Disconnect your Wall Switch or Keypad from power by pulling the set button out
    2. Press and hold the set button
    3. Continue holding the set button until the beep stops If your device does not beep, hold the set button for ten seconds
    4. Release the set button. You should hear two beeps confirming that your Wall Switch or Keypad has been reset