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    Reset button suggestion

    This is a suggestion to the engineering team.

    I've found that switches and outlets installed outdoors (in appropriate boxes) develop reset switch problems that I believe are heat related.

    Inside the device, there's a plastic friction detent where the rod on the clear plastic reset switch slides between a pair of pincers that are extensions of the white plastic used for the rest of the device body. I have a strong suspicion that environmental heat hardens this white plastic significantly, to the point where the reset switch can no longer be pushed or pulled.

    I have run through a number of switches located on a lightpost at my outdoor gate. They occasionally need to be re-initialized due to environmental sags or surges, and inevitably I end up breaking off the reset switch tab because the switch is frozen solid. Today, I drilled a wire-size hole through the body of the reset switch and attempted to pull it out with a spudger, and it didn't even respond to that. I finally ended up disassembling and inspecting the switch, and lubing the detent with some Teflon lube. It's still tight enough to challenge the spudger, but at least I can get it to move now.

    Suggestion #1: a factory hole in the reset switch similar to what I drilled would be useful. The lip on this switch just does not last.
    Suggestion #2: a different detent material not so sensitive to heat would be a better choice... or some permanent lube on the detent.

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